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Trowel is labelled The Jerk and is a contestant on Object Terror. He is certified to be attracted to males and in a relationship with Beer as of Kiloto the Minoto (Episode 5, Chapter 2) .

According to Kiloto the Minoto (Episode 5, Chapter 2), he is 2 years old.


Trowel is a typical trowel used in gardening. He possesses a yellow handle and a flat metal grey surface as a head.


Trowel is very brash and is seen as a bully by many contestants, mainly by Arch , who he likes to prank and harass with his partner Beer. He is also a bit dim-witted and impulsive, not thinking about the consequences of his actions.



S1 Ep 1: Burned to death.

S2 Ep 1: Burned to death.