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Beer, labeled The Aggressive Genius, is a contestant in Object Terror. He is placed in the Bouncing Buses. As of episode 5 (chapter 2), Trowel is confirmed to be his boyfriend. But he still doesn't have a confirmed sexual orientation, all we know so far is that he is either sexually or romantically into guys. 


Beer is like with his lover, Trowel, likes to prank other characters, mostly Arch. Most of the time Beer is overall really bland and a try-hard, and he moans at midnight every time him and Trowel haves



S1 Ep 1: Killed when Computer has spawned in his place. Shattered in half when Trowel and Wallet push him on to another platform.

S1 Ep 3: Shattered by Trowel's punch.

S2 Ep 1: Shattered by Magazine's punch.